Hello and Welcome Home


I’m Kendra and welcome to Suitcase Living. If you had asked me as a 9-year-old what would be the main constant in my life at 30, I would have said a variety of probabilities; but none of them would have been travel. As a kid, I found traveling exhausting. My parents are modern adventurers. Traveling, exploring, and making our own adventures was and is my families favourite past time.

Both of my parents have vivid imaginations, as a kid I remember going on insane, dramatic, and thrilling day adventures. I never knew where we were going to go, what we were going to do, or how long we would be gone for. My parents taught me at a young age that plans can change, and the person with the CC or car keys is ALWAYS in charge.

The above lesson was learned at Disney Land, and is now referred to as the never-ending Disney nightmare. To this day, when the proposition of a day at an amusement park presents it self I still have anxiety attacks. To make a long story short, I started my Disney Day as a bright eyed 7 year old, bright and early, and ended the day exhausted, cranky, and home past mid-night.

After Disney…I became afraid of “never ending” day trips. I realized I liked the comfort of home. Fortunatley, over the years I have learned to pack home with me. ( I have been know to pack everything from hand weights to candles).

As much as I love the comfort of home, I love the freedom of life on the road and I celebrate the opportunity to chat with strangers and to let what may come. I believe that life is to be lived, and that home is mobile. As I’ve grown I’ve learned home is more a place of mind and heart, than physical location.

So, here’s to the next great story of your life (and of mine).