New York, New York!

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I find it serendipitous that my inspiration for Suitcase Living was sparked in New York, a city where the streets will make you fell brand new, and the lights will inspire you.

After years of dreaming (and building New York City up in my head) an opportunity to visit the famed city presented itself. With the arrival of the chance to see what some call the greatest city on earth, I battled with a dichotomy of emotion. As ecstatic as I was to be granted the good fortune of walking the city’s streets I was nervous that the city wouldn’t live up to my expectations.

I have and always have had a wild imagination. Daydreaming is my escape. Despite the peaceful solitude, I’m able to find in my imagination; I often set myself up for disappointment as the real experience seldom matches the thrill of my imagined get-a-way. Before landing in New York, I was afraid that the city would not live up to my impossibly high and artificially created standards.

To my surprise, New York City somehow managed to be bigger, better, more exciting, more encompassing, and more curious than I could have imagined. The city itself fills you with a desire to find yourself. I fell in love with the creativity and the infinite possibilities of New York. A city itself who fought against the impossible and that has inadvertently created some of strongest, most eccentric, and offbeat successes and failures the world has ever seen.

For me, a week in the city that never sleeps was not nearly enough. While I’m still a relative stranger to the city, I’m excited to share some of my favorite finds with you.

PRO TIP: When in NYC carry cash! You never know when you might need a dollar bill for 99 cent pizza, a cab ride, or the difference on a bill. In New York, cash is still KING.