NYC: Grand Hyatt Pillow Talk

Staying @ The Grand Hyatt NYC

I suppose you clicked on the link for some juicy NYC pillow talk. After all the city is infamous for romcoms. I’m so sorry (not sorry) for the misleading title- It was totally intentional.

The beauty of the Grand Hyatt is its central location. The Grand Hyatt is built above Grand Central Station. The hotel’s location is perfect for planning the day’s adventure in a New York Minute. Grand Central is an amazing Hub for the cities subway system.

Initially, I booked the Hyatt primarily because the hotel was hosting the conference I was attending. Having never been to New York I wanted to make the “work” part of my trip as seamless and easy as possible. The Grand Hyatt is MASSIVE, and the hotel can easily host multiple conference groups at once. (When I checked in there were 1500 high school kids hanging around at the hotel for a Model UN.)

From a conference standpoint the Grand Hyatt was great; from a hotel connoisseurs perspective the hotel was busy, loud, and the hotel seemed to lack attention to detail. (My headboard had a giant rip in it, and the washroom had some other issues).

Minus the attention to details, the Grand Hyatt made for a comfortable home away from home. The Grand Hyatt has a great fitness center on the 35th floor, and a 24-hour market perfect for grabbing an early morning coffee or late night snack.

Ps. Did I mention how prime the Grand Hyatt’s location is? With its location right above Grand Central, two blocks away from Bryant Park, and four blocks away from Time Square the hotel’s location made it ideal for exploring NYC.

Pro Tip:

  • Download the citymapper app, purchase a metro card, and explore NYC!
  • Check your hotel room carefully to make sure that the room is up to your standard. If it doesn’t pass the “bed” test. Let the front desk know ASAP so they can fix the issue.
  • Don’t trust your UBER Driver for directions or getting you to your destination. Before you hop in a car, know the best way to get to your destination.