NYC: Fit in the City @ The Bari Studio

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(Photo for @thebaristudio)


When I travel, I always pack my gym clothes. I love discovering the boutique fitness classes a city has to offer or running the streets of where ever I am.

Before arriving in New York, I did a google search of “New York’s Best Fitness Studios.:” One the studios that caught by eye was the Bari Studio. What I found unique about the Bari Studio is the fitness props used. Bari’s Methos incorporates DANCE, BOUNCE, and TONE into all their classes.

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, I happened to cross paths with THE studio I wanted to try. So I wondered in and found myself in fitness heaven.

The Bari Studio is this funky fitness play zone located in Tribeca. The studio is staffed by the friendliest of instructors (many of which are professional dancers, or actors). At the Bari Studio, runners are required. For my first class, I came ill prepared. I had toesox with me, but no runner. Andy at the front desk let me borrow a pair of runners from another instructor. He was a lifesaver.

My first class was a bounce class, taught on mini-trampolines by rhythm master Kendall. Andy warned me that the “everyone feels AWKWARD during their first bounce class.” As true as his words were, and the intimidation factor of having a victoria secret model in the class, I loved every awkward moment of the Bounce Class.

I was so mesmerized by the fun challenge of the Bari Studio that I found myself returning to try as many other class types I could.

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(Photo for @thebaristudio)

– Bounce: A 55-minute cardio class on a mini-trampoline. This class type included 15 minutes of strength training
– Hybrid: A fitastic buffet of the best of The Bari Studio! This class included dance cardio, bounce cardio, resistance training, and flexibility training.
– Micro: This class is a 55-minute strength training class with cardio elements. This class includes the use of bari’s signature hanging resistance bands, sliders, the bari ball, and the barre. (This class worked every muscle in my body! I loved it!)
Pro Tip:

  • Check out the “new” to Bari page on their websit.
  • Arrive at The Bari Studio prepared, come with runners, a towel, and water.
  • Ease yourself into the Bari Studio. I recommend starting with BariOne.
  • Have Fun! You will feel like a fool on the tramp at first. Let go, and enjoy the workout.