NYC: Laugh at the Comedy Cellar

Before heading to New York, my dad reached out to one of his friends who has a son living in New York. I reached out to M who graciously invited me out to join him and his girlfriend at The Comedy Cellar.

“What are you doing Monday? M asked.

“Conference in the morning, nothing really at night,” I replied.

“If you’re not busy, we’re going to my favorite New York venue. The Comedy Cellar. It’s a little place down in the west village. A lot of great comedians got their start, and you never know who’ll show up and stand up.”

“Cool. What time?”

“Doors lock at 7:30. Sharp.”

After a day of meetings, I scrabbled into a cab to make my way to the East Village. I watched the minutes rush by as the pedestrians sped past my cab. My spazzy side was freaking out. At 7:22 the cab arrived outside a modest looking venue on a cobblestone street. To the naked not-local eye, The Comedy Cellar is invisible. It’s a place you wouldn’t know what to look for unless you knew exactly what it is you’re looking for.

M and J, were across the street having a beer at a place I only imagine to be named the Rabbit Hole. A place I presume many have fallen down the rabbit role.

At 7:28 we were ID, ushered in, and given a lecture on the probation of cell phones in the club. The hostess showed us to our seats. To my surprise sitting was family style. Our seats were cozy, and I enjoyed making new friends (by that I mean eating their truffle fries).

At what I presume was 7:30 ( I don’t know as my phone was locked) the show started. The host was none other than “Stand up NBC” winner Jon Laster. The night’s other comedians were a shit mix of Hillarious, Awkward, OMG, LOL funny, and ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!!!???

The surprise proverbial icing on one hilarious night at the comedy cellar was a surprise performance by the one and only Louis C.K. (Who just happened to be in town to host SNL.)

Pro Tip:

  • If you’re hoping to catch the early show make a reservation. The Comedy Cellar is a hot and affordable NYC ticket.
  • Turn off your phone, and lock it away deep in the abyss of your purse. If the Comedy Cellar catches you on your phone, they will kick you out. No exceptions. (Rumour is if you’re caught taking photos/video the staff will make you delete whatever is on your phone in public, no matter how embarrassing the photos may be.)
  • Be smart, order the Truffle Fries, if you don’t you will suffer from a serious case of fry envy.