NYC: Baby’s Alright.


What is a trip to Williamsburg without the quintessential hang at a hipsters paradise? I mean, honestly, can you even say out loud that you wandered through Williamsburg for the conventional? Nope.

Baby’s Alright is the living carnation of what cash money, irony, and the contrarian spirit can produce. The Bar/Eatery is ironic. The food is surprisingly good, the staff is surprisingly rude, and the decor doesn’t really fit with the laid back atmosphere of the venue.

From the street, Baby’s Alright is unassuming. It has the outward appearance of a hole in the wall, one you walk past without hesitation. The lack of external glitz is by design. Baby’s Alright, is something like a secret. If you know you know.  Thankfully for the wandering visitor, Baby’s Alright is relatively easy to find. The eatery/drinkery lives on Broadway just over the Williamsburg Bridge. If you’re coming from New York, both the four and the five stop nearby.


Inside, Baby comes to live. As I walked into Baby’s Alright, I felt as if I was walking into a labyrinth of sorts. The decor was eerie yet oddly comforting. According to my table, I had entered the realm of chaos and night.

Outside, the bar the street was crowded with film crews, as Zac Efron’s “The Greatest Showman” shot in the streets. Inside, New Yorkers complained about the annoyance of the movie set.

For a true Brooklyn hang, Baby’s Alright. Baby’s Alright is known for its music scene. The venue hosts various local bands. Check out their website for upcoming shows.