NYC: Tone @ Pop Physique

In my checked luggage, no matter where I go, I always make room workout apparel and accessories. I’ve been laughed at by friends and family for my instance on throwing hand weights into my baggage. To be honest hand weights are a pain to travel with. The amount of times I’ve had to recalibrate my bags to accommodate flying with an additional 6lbs is remarkable for someone who travels as much as I do. For most sane people it will come as no surprise that TSA frowns on hand weights in your carry on. “Mame, can you please step aside.”

A part of my travel ritual is tasting the fitness offerings of whatever city I am. In New York, I was spoiled with choice. Of course, there is the obvious, running the Highline, or through Central Park, then there are the hotel gyms and equinox’s, and then there is Pop Physique. 

At home, I have a couple of the Pop Physique dvds. (Yes, they still exist). I’ve always loved Pop Physique because I have found the strength component of their workouts challenging. Without fail, my legs always shake in the lunge series.


While in New York, I discovered that a Pop Physique studio was in short walking distance from my hotel. I put on my boots and headed to the studio. As I walked, I questioned my navigator (CityMapper). It appeared I had been lead to a renovation site.

“Siri, am I in the right place??”

“Yes, Kendra. But you knew that already.” she sassed back.

As I looked around for a marquee building sign, puzzled by the mysterious studio location. I entered the “supposed” address. Inside, my eyes search for a missing business directory. Luckily before anyone but Siri realized I was lost another girl dressed in barre attire entered the building. I followed her up the flight of stairs to the entrance of Pop Physique.


Inside, I was greeted at the studio like a long-lost friend. The staff helped me get signed in and set up. In class, in took seconds before my legs and arms began to shake. The workout was challenging, and the New York choreographer who led the class was a master in directing movements to make your body burn. The 50-minute class flew by.

After class, I laughed with the instructor. Having been to other Pop Physiques in LA, I was taken aback by how much harder the NYC version of the workout was. As always Pop Physique classes have a killer playlist that you’ll beg to download.

There are two Pop Physique Studios in NYC. One in NoMad (where I went) and one in Bowery. Class schedules are available on their website.

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