NYC: Skip A Workout At Physique 57

You already know that I’m a bit of fitness fanatic. I love my daily sweat sessions. Upon arrival in New York City, I was excited to try a barre class at Physique 57. I had heard stories about how challenging and body altering Physique 57 classes were.

On my first morning in New York, I set my alarm early with the intention of walking to the studio from my hotel and getting my sweat on at the Physique 57’s Sweat Burn Tone (SBT) class.


As I woke to the gentle melody of my alarm, my morning started out as planned. I dressed, found a green juice and began my march to West 57th Street. Again the studio was difficult to find, and I ended up wondering the upper west side in search of the “easy to find” studio. I was shocked by the lack of signage.

Once I found the studio (it was located in an attic on an old slight decrepit New Your building), I felt myself grimace at the venue. The studio was not much better, although the owners did try to “glam up” the cramped space. The studio was small and arrogant. (Which was fitting as both the staff and the clientele, shared an arrogant charm.)

Sadly, I was refused entrance into “SBT” class by the front desk girl because “Physique 57 is very unique. You must do at least 20 signature classes before you can be admitted to an SBT class.”

“Seriously,” I thought,  “it’s a barre class! Not a surgical residency program.”

Reserving my inner monolog, I replied, “Okay. I’ll try the signature class.”

The workout itself was disappointing. It resembled NOTHING of the online promises of a  “glamour-filled workout. Instead the work out was done in a carpeted germ infested room. The actual “work out” was nothing special. It was comparable to a Pure Barre class or a Bar Method class. It was dull and uninspiring.


Next time I’m in New York, I’ll be skipping out on a workout at Physique 57. Instead I’ll be getting my sweat on at The Bari Studio or Pop Physique.