NYC: Bubby’s Brunch Like a True New Yorker


On my first morning in New York, at my friend M’s suggestion I was emerged into the true New York brunch scene at the Tribeca favorite, Bubby’s. (If you google Bubby’s, you’ll see photo of everyone from Lebron to T. Swift waiting for a Table). The restaurant has been a NY favorite for over 26 years. It was originally opened in 1990, by Chef Ron Silver. Originally Bubby’s got its fame for baking the best and freshest pies in New York City. Today Bubby’s is renowned for their simple and fresh take on comfort food.

My intro to Bubby’s went a little something like this:

“Have you been to New York before,” M asked.

“Nope,” I answered.

“We’ll then we have to do Bubby’s. It’s this iconic brunch spot in Tribeca.”

“Okay,” I replied, realizing I had no choice in the matter.

“Cool. We’ll meet you outside at noon.”

“Perfect.” as I hung up, I instantly opened citymapper to find the easiest way to the Tribeca brunch spot. As the directions loaded on my phone, I quickly realized I had 20 minutes to get clear across town. In true New Yorker fashion, I stepped out on 5th ave to hail a cab.

As the cab stopped and started across greater Manhattan, I could feel my distaste for taxi’s rising in my stomach. I repeated the mantra “please don’t get sick” over and over until the cab stopped outside 120 Hudson.


Naturally, due to my poor time estimation, I arrived a little late. J and M had already put their names down and were outside waiting. Bubby’s was bumping. The place was packed. We were shown our table and seated in a condensed table. (Thankfully we’re all small and didn’t mind the tight eating quarters.)

bubbysThe food was “finger licking scrumptious,” and the blood orange mimosa might just be the best I’ve ever had.

When you find you’re self at Bubby’s order the biscuits, the mimosa, and the mile high lemon meringue.

Post brunch, work it off with a walk to Ground Zero, Wall Street, or a workout at The Bari Studio.