NL: Stay at the Bastion Hotel (Amsterdam)

My first time in Amsterdam, I stayed at a small hotel just on the outskirts of the “inner city hustle” of Amsterdam. The hotel itself was nothing special. But the location of the Bastion Hotel Amsterdam ZuidWest was prime. The hotel lives in the cities fashion district (near the world fashion center, and across the street from the Fashion Hotel).

As I said, the hotel was nothing special. It was more of an upscale hostel than a 3-star hotel. But whatever, I wasn’t in Europe for the hotel room.  The room was tiny, and the beds were little kid small. My first night, I nearly rolled off the single bed.  (I honestly didn’t know they still made single beds, and I was surprised by how much skinnier they are than a twin bed.)


I’ll say it again; the rooms are tiny! My room was almost microscopic. I had to turn my suitcase sideways to get it through the door/hallway. Getting dressed was a skillful game of Tetris as I couldn’t actually fully open my suitcase. (And lets not even get into the bathroom- or lake there of.)


Besides the shortage of space, I enjoyed my stay. The hotel was friendly, clean, decent, inexpensive, and fairly convenient. (As small as my room was, for 76 euros a night the Bastion Hotel Amsterdam ZuidWest surpassed my expectations.) Besides, why did I need a big fancy hotel room? I was in Amsterdam to see the city. Not to explore the creature comforts of my hotel room.

What I enjoyed most about my stay was the free breakfast and the hotel’s location. Getting to the city center was easy, thanks to a convenient tram stop a block or so away.  Right outside the hotel’s front doors were parks, playgrounds, sidewalks and places to run. I enjoyed the ability to easily lace up and head out for a scenic and easy 10k run.

The Bastion Hotel Chain is a Dutch budget friendly hotel brand. The company has 32 hotels across the Netherlands. If you’re seeking a wallet friendly hotel, check them out.