NL: Fenix Food Factory

Things I love include (in no particular order) Green Juice, Barre Classes, fitness, my boyfriend, shopping, Instagram, etc.

My boyfriend laughs at my green juice, and barre addition. To him, it’s hysterical how EVERYONE who drinks green juice and works out at barre classes looks the same. He’s right, we do. And yes, I fit the North American upper middle class young professional stereotype (and no, I have no shame in admitting this).


Why am I telling you, well to set the stage. My green juice addiction had me craving a fresh spinach and kale could pressed juice. While riding around Rotterdam on a borrowed bicycle, I spotted the Fenix Food Factory. The hipster-esque facade of the food factory had me convinced that I would find my beloved green juice inside.

Discreetly, I dropped clever hints to T as we rode by.  I slyly played it off that it was his idea to check out the food market. (I admit that his idea of stopping in, sounded a lot more like a “PLEASE TEEEEE!!!!!”)


Inside, my eyes scanned to the old warehouse for a cold pressed juice bar. Sadly, my search for juice turned up dry. However, we did discover a craft brewery, artisan cheese, a great bakery, fun book shop, and perhaps the city’s best coffee.


The Kassmakers stole the show for T. With so much choice (including blue and red cheeses) T found it difficult to narrow down a single cheese from Booij Kassmakers Cheese. Instead, he left happy with four different kinds of blue cheese.

When in Rotterdam, a stop at the Fenix Food Factory, is a must. Stop in for lunch, or to pick up fresh snacks to make a dutch style cheese board.

Find the Fenix Food Factory on the Katenrecht Peninsula. (across a small bridge from the Hotel New York).

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