NL: Stay at Hotel New York


Hotel New York in Rotterdam is an homage to the past. The boutique hotel is the tenant of what was the head office for the Holland American Lines.

In the late 1800’s, Europeans in search of a brighter future would buy a one-way ticket to New York, NY to escape religious persecution and poverty. From Holland, Europeans would board the Holland American Line (in front of what is now the Hotel New York) with the goal of reaching the “promised land” of North America.


The stunning office building in which the  Hotel New York resides was built in Jugendstil style in 1901. The Holland American Lines lived in the building until 1977, at which time they moved their headquarters to Seattle. For nearly 15 years, the grand building lived vacant and lonely.

The building was given new life in the 90’s when a group of locals rediscovered the building and envisioned a new life for the lonely structure. In 1993, the Hotel New York opened its doors for guests.

The hotel rooms are STUNNING, and unlike any you’ve ever stayed in. The Rooms are all different. The office space has been cleverly converted into a glamorous crash pad, in style of the great ocean liner Nieuw Amsterdam. Despite the grandeur and glamour of the hotel suites, the rooms are rather economically priced.  Sadly, we weren’t able to stay at the hotel this visit to Rotterdam, but I assure you I will insist we stay in either a boardroom or a tower room next time we’re in Rotterdam.

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Today the Hotel New York, in addition to unique and luxurious rooms, features a grand cafe restaurant on Wilhelmina Pier. The restaurant is incredible, fresh, delicious, and can I have seconds, please.



Outside the hotel, you’ll find a “lost luggage” statue that pays it respect to the travelers embarking on new life. Lost Luggage, was constructed by Canadian artist, Jeff Wall and is a sculpture dedicated to all those who left their native land, many never to return.

If you find yourself in Rotterdam, book a stay at Hotel New York. If a stay isn’t in your agenda, at least stop at the grand hotel for brunch, lunch, dinner, or drink. I promise you won’t be disappointed.