NL: The Witte Huis (White House)

The Dutch have some quirks. For example, it is very typical for a Dutch person to keep a calendar in their “toilet room.” The purpose of the water closet calendar is to keep track of all those important birthdays in your life. (If you have a Dutch friend, who always remembers to text you on your birthday, it’s likely their texting your from the toilet.) As odd, as I think a crapper calendar is (hey- I don’t judge) there’s a lot you can learn while reading Calendar information from the toilet, before texting one of your BFF’s to wish them a very happy birthday.

On one of my first “seated calendar” experiences – The calendar featured a collection of famous Netherland Building, I was introduced to Holland’s own White House. (And no, you won’t find Donald Trump anywhere near this building.)


Built in 1989, The Witte Huis, is Europe’s first skyscraper. When it was built, the people of Rotterdam (and beyond) could not believe that a building so tall could be constructed. At ten stories tall, the first spectators of the towering building were convinced the monstrosity touched the sky.

Today, the tall building still towers amongst its neighbors, although it is no longer one of the taller buildings in the city. What is cool about the building is that it is one of the few older buildings that survived the war. When wondering Rotterdam, you can find the Witte House just north (I think) of the cube houses.


Be a tourist, snap a selfie with the Witte Huis, before grabbing a coffee and peek inside this fabulous building.

That’s it for Rotterdam. Next up INDIA.