IN: Dehradun To Atali Ganga

Atali Ganga, The final stop on our Indian Adventure.  Our trip to Atali Ganga was booked at the “strong suggestion/recommendation” of my dad. He basically suggested that Atali Ganga was a place we had to visit, no excuse.

After the fanatical Indian wedding, we were both looking forward to a few days of quiet, lost in the remote jungle of the Himalayas. From the hustle of dancing in the street to the insanity of Indian Airports, we made our way from Nagpur to Delhi to Dehradun. Once in Dehradun, we were met by a driver, who was not too excited to see us. Apparently, our flight was late, which led him to drive like a maniac and complain about how long he had to wait for us.

The drive from Dehradun to Atali Ganga, was scenic. Usually, the drive takes two hours. But my luck, our driver was determined to set a new time record for the distance. He sped through the mountains, hugged the turns and passed cow, car, truck, and camel after cow, car, truck and camel.

I tried not to think about his driving. I tried not to look at the road. I tried my best not to get car sick. My effort was in vain. Halfway through the drive, nausea kicked in. T, worried asked what’s wrong, then laughed at my green complexion. As the nausea got worse, I whispered to T, “I think I’m going to throw up.”

He rubbed my back and told the driver that I might need to stop. The driver, who was already less than impressed with us replied back; she’s not going to be sick is she?”

“I think I’m good.”

“Good,” he retorted as he continued full speed ahead.

“Stop!” I screamed as I realized I spoke too soon. I rolled the window down and out came my lunch.

The driver stopped, I got out of the car, T went to fetch water.

“It’s okay baby, drink some water.”

After a quick reprieve from the road, we were back in the car. Luckily we were nearly at our final destination. In light of my motion sickness, the driver finished the last leg of the drive at a more modest pace.

We arrived, to the warm welcome from of the team at Atali Ganga. They greeted us with fresh juice as they checked us in. We were shown to our private cabin, an oasis high in the mountains. Post check-in, we signed up for our “tomorrow” adventure: White Water Rafting on the Ganga River.