CA: When in SF, Sweat Like a Local!

When I travel for work – who am I kidding – when I travel I always pack my workout gear. I drive my boyfriend crazy with my insistence on traveling with 3lb hand weights. Through our time together, I’ve gotten better had hiding the heavy accessories in my suitcase so he won’t accidentally find them. (It’s not worth the fight. I admit it, when it comes to exercise I am ridiculous.)

On work-cations, I make an effort to get out of the conference hotel and to explore the city. For me this means signing up for a barre, pilates, or HIIT class. Which luckily, San Francisco is rich with.

Despite the ever-rolling hills of San Francisco, the city is very walkable. When in SF, I choose to welcome the hills as a good warm up for my upcoming workout. My three favourite places to sweet in the Golden Gate City are:

What I love about the three places to sweat, is different for each.


For SALT, I love the sassy attitude. Their mantra is SALT IS THE CURE. The studio has spunk, which comes across loud and clear in their class names, and in the sweat session itself. My favourite SALT class is a workout called Barre Fight, because who doesn’t love a good fight (kidding!)

Salt’s Barre Fight is an hour class, that combines plyometrics, barre, boxing, and core. The result is one sweaty good time.

Après SALT, grab a coffee next door as you recap the workout from the hour before.


Avant Barre is a traditional Barre Studio, set in a clean and chic studio on 3rd st. It’s an easy and safe walk from the hotel district. What I loved most about Avant Barre, was how friendly and welcoming the team was. At first pliè you already feel like you’re part of their fit family.

The classes vary in difficulty- and it’s up to you to go deep and push yourself. In the 55 minute class your legs will shake as you pulse and hold your first position. Trust me, your tush will thank you.



Being the gym at the Fairmont San Francisco, LIVE FIT GYM has a little of everything. For me – it was perfect. It allowed to to wake up early and get a sweat in before meetings. The  two story gym has a beautiful cardio space on the top floor, and a fitness studio plus weight room in the low-level.

LIVE FIT GYM also offers a variety of classes. After a day of meetings, I signed myself up for a pilates class. Honestly, my abs have never been worked harder. The class was such a delicious burn.

After class, or your run, treat yourself to cold pressed juice from the Juice Shop. Available in studio.