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I’m Kendra and welcome to Suitcase Living. If you had asked me as a 9-year-old what would be the main constant in my life at 30, I would have said a variety of probabilities; but none of them would have been travel. As a kid, I found traveling exhausting. As a kid,  I identified as a bit of a home body. Then, family holidays were something I took for granted. Today, I still describe myself as a bit of a home body (I like and I think I will always like to have a home base) however today I make home where ever I am.

Unfortunately this can mean getting a bit to comfortable, by REALLY moving into my temporary home.

For the better part of a decade, my life has been packed up into one carry-on, and one (sometimes two) pieces of checked luggage (I’m not known to travel light). Growing up, my parents imposed a rule that we could bring whatever we wanted on holidays with us as long as I carried our bags ourselves. Instead of getting rid of dead weight from my bags to simplify my journeys, I learned how to carry more. I travel with my creature comforts, out of imagined necessity. Through suitcase living, I’m able to find home or make home where ever I am.

By  nature, I am curious. I want to meet the world and I eagerly greet new experience. I enjoy making my own decisions and gambling on experiential outcomes. I believe in letting go of expectations, and I refuse to over plan. For me, it spontaneity that brings a richness of life to the surface. You never know who you may met, what you may see, where you may go, or what you may do when you say, OKAY.

I believe that life is to be lived, and that home is mobile. As I’ve grown I’ve learned home is more a place of mind and heart, than physical location.

So, here’s to the next great story of your life (and of mine).