NYC: Eat Dirt Candy

…Um…so…I’m…a vegetarian. I know, I know, I probably should have said something sooner. I just didn’t want to lead with the dreaded “I’m a vegetarian”opening line. Mostly because I didn’t want to be subjected to insufferable questions that follow:

“So you don’t eat any meat, not even chicken or fish?”

“How do you get your protein?”

“What about bacon?”

You get it. The list continues.


Traveling as a vegetarian can have its moments. There are times when I feel like I literally have nothing to eat except dirt; then there are times where I have a city of gourmet choice. # Welcome to New York.

Dirt Candy was just that my vegetarian oasis. The restaurant features a plant-based menu that is the food candy of celebrity Canadian Chef Amanda Cohen. (As a Canadian, I obliged to boast.) For those of you afraid of a vegetarian restaurant, there is nothing to fear at Dirt Candy. The eatery is void of overt vegan proletarians, and the restaurant does serve alcohol.


Located in the lower east side of New York (somewhere close to China Town), Dirt Candy is a pioneer in vegetarian cuisine, and the only plant-based eatery to recognized by the Michelin Guide for five years in a row. The menu changes with the seasons. I love the fact that seasonal vegetables are a focus.

On Monday’s Dirt Candy transforms into the ultimate NYC-Canadiana Venue. (Notable Canadians such as Mike Myers, and The Weeknd are known to get their Canada fix Monday’s at Dirt Candy).


Can’t make to NYC, or to Dirt Candy? No worries, Dirt Candy has a DIY solution. Get a copy of Amanda’s cookbook to make all the dirt candy you can eat in your own home cook kitchen.