NYC: Getting Around


When people say New York is big, it’s an understatement. The City is GIGANTIC! The sheer monstrosity of the cities stunning sky scraper act as optical illusion. At times, iconic markers appear much closer that they they infect are.

When in New York, you have a few choices of how to get around:

  1. Walk
  2. Take the Train
  3. Cab it
  4. Bike

When in New York, you’re gonna walk. Personally, if you’re up for an adventure as you discover the city, I recommend putting on a pair of comfortable walking shoes, downloading the app CityMapper and aquatinting yourself with the cities train system.

New York Cab drivers are the WORST, and the cities Uber drivers aren’t much better. Of course, there are bikes in the City for rent, but REALLY only tourists use them, and it’s somewhat difficult to follow the directions on your phone as your dodging traffic in NYC. New York is the city that never sleeps, and that stands true for the cities traffic.


Before you start your city discovery, you’ll want to make sure you have: 

  •  An understanding of the lay of the land. (Thankfully, due to Manhattan being an Island, this is relatively easy.)
  • Know the best ways to get where you want to go. (NYC taxi drivers are notorious for taking the long route to run up the meter.)
  • Understand the train system, and which exit/train/platform you need to be on. As subway station very from high visibility, to almost camouflaged entrances. It can be easy to get lost in the subway system.
  • Comfortable shoes you can walk for HOURS in.



What I love most about walking and public transit in New York is the art and entertainment. 

For me, my train ticket in New York came with front row access to some of the best (and cheapest) entertainment. Perhaps this is why the New York subway system is known for its kindness and good deeds. I, myself, was lucky enough to benefit from the philanthropy of an occasional subway rider who gave me her subway card.

As for entertainment, magic mike came to live on my train ride back from Brooklyn. As the four train pulled out of the station, three young boys broke out the beats and started pole dancing in the subways car. Their moves were IMPRESSIVE (and a little disturbing). New York’s transit is always entertaining. You never know what you might see.

Although my experiences walking were not nearly as entertains. I loved being able to marvel at the magnitude of New York’s skyline, observe the street are, and imagine myself as a New Yorker.